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Think you have what it takes, come join the clan.....

This is a tribe for those who just have to much time on their hands.... a place to begin the revolution against boredom, and a place to make sure that those damn smurfs stay out of your attic RSS Feed what is XML?

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looking for a sugar daddy  topic
rECRUITS, cHARGE!!  topic
pumpkin fiasco '06!  topic
bye bye dirt  topic
(image posted 11/28)  photo flag
the Niarobi Animal Orphanage  review
Have you been drinking?  topic
The Return  topic
Vote for a mod!  topic
So why...  topic
music and news  review
so talk about a shitty monday  topic
new lip pierecing!  topic
As far as choosing...  topic
R.I.P.  topic
Lexi...I missed you this weekend...  topic
dirt - drew situation?  topic
Just curious...  topic
What hapened to Dirt?  topic
Im sure everyone remembers....  topic
It's 5:17AM and I haven't slept...  topic
3-6 with the Fish (pst), sports and humor  review
The BJ Shea Morning Experience, 5-10am pst  review
SATURDAY FUN...  topic
Mr Roboto!  topic

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